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Student Information System

“In modern schools the need to capture, process, store and effectively use student data is become a bigger challenge in this information age.”

Features & Benefits

  • All student information in one place
  • Track student progress and history
  • Effectively handle student tuition fees and payments
  • Manage documents, travel and contact details
  • Maintain student alumni data
  • Reduce administration costs and workload
  • Increase data security and accessibility
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets and paper systems
  • Increase data insights and knowledge
  • Externally managed system in the cloud

Familiar problems?

Do you find that managing your student administration and data is often a headache? In our experience speaking to schools across Cambodia, here are the top issues they face.. see if they are familiar..
  • Data is unorganised and is held across many spreadsheets and paper trails?
  • Finding information is time consuming and often data cannot be found, or when it is it can be inaccurate or incomplete?
  • There are concerns about data security and ensuring the right people have access?

We have stepped up to develop a solution to relieve many of these pain-points in your organisation - download our brochure for more information.

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Geekho is a leading developer of innovative software solutions who understand the needs of organisations in the digital society. The team has a vast experience of working with data in an effective and secure way, considering specific customer needs and sensitive issues.

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