WordPress performance & security package

We recently wrote about the importance of HTTPS for websites. But that is not only the key component of healthy websites to improve conversions and the overall user experience. Performance is the key.
With a role to play in SEO as well in your visitors experiences, this is definitely the most forgotten key elements for a website success. As an example, AliExpress reduced load time by 36% and saw a 10.5% increase in orders and a 27% increase in conversion for new customers. Zalando saw a 0.7% increase in revenue when they shaved 100ms off their load time.

I can see the speed improvement when browsing the site. Thanks very much! You were very quick & efficient at finishing the work and the results are noticeable. - Eric Weine, Vice President of Pioneer Golf

Our WordPress Optimization Packages Includes
  • Fast CDN setup: Set up your site to send static resources like images through a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fastest site loading from anywhere in the world.
  • WordPress security rules: Set up rules to block or throttle common attacks such as password brute-forcing.
  • HTTPS/SSL setup: Get an SSL certificate and configure your site to use secure connections by default.
  • Site availability & blacklist monitoring: You will receive a notification by email if the website should become unavailable or if the domain or IP address of your site should become blacklisted.
  • WordPress performance tweaks*: Optimize site settings and install plugins for caching, automatic image compression and database improvements.
  • WordPress site security checks*: Review file permissions, check for changes of WordPress files as well as for plugins and themes with known security issues.
  • Email configuration check*: Review DNS mail settings to prevent to prevent your emails from being classified as spam.

One time

All the inclusion of the package above as a one-time offer. This includes a full-report of before and after our intervention.
No improvement = Full refund!

One time + A year of checks

Including monthly checks of the items marked with an asterisk (*) in the list above for $297 in the first year and $99 / year afterwards.